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Aquarium Plants

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Rootless Duckweed

Limnobium stoloniferum

Water Lettuce


Common Duckweed, Lesser Duckweed

Lemna trisulca

Eared Watermoss

Salvinia auriculata

Water hyacinth

Water Fern

Waterwheel Plant

Ammannia senegalensis

Aponogeton Capuronii

Bacopa myriophylloides

Woolly Bacopa

Bubbleleaf Laceplant

Bacopa australis

Dentated Water Hyssop

Echinodorus gabrielii


Potamogeton gayi

Ricciocarpus natans

Lemna gibba

Shaving Brush Plant

Halimeda Plant

Kelp on Rock, Smooth Leaf

Kelp on Rock, Grape

Maiden*s Hair Plant

Mermaid\\\'s Fan Plant

Alternanthera Splendida

Blyxa alternifolia

Blyxa japonica
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