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Aquarium Plants

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Anubias afzelii

Dwarf Spear Leaf, Dwarf-Anubias

Broad Leaved Anubias

Anubias barteri var. glabra

Anubias coffeefolia

Anubias gigantea

Anubias gracilis

Anubias congensis

Giant bacopa

Bacopa madagascariensis

Dwarf Bacopa, Moneywort

Dwarf hygrophila

Giant hygrophila

Lizard*s tail

Beckett*s cryptocoryne

Giant crypt

Cryptocoryne lucens


Cryptocoryne lutea

Cryptocoryne willisii

Cryptocoryne pontederiifolia

Cryptocoryne affinis

Cryptocoryne cordata


Cryptocoryne parva

Lagenandra meeboldii

Ludwigia palustris

Giant hygrophila


Tradescantia fluminensis

Broadleaved Amazon Sword

Echinodorus aschersonianus
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