Feather Duster Worm (Indian Tubeworm) photo

Feather Duster Worm (Indian Tubeworm)

Latin name: Sabellastarte indica

yellow Feather Duster Worm (Indian Tubeworm) photo
light blue Feather Duster Worm (Indian Tubeworm) photo
light blue
red Feather Duster Worm (Indian Tubeworm) photo

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speciesfan worms
maximum sizemore than 20 cm
reef compatiblecompatible
water temperaturenear 25°c
complexity of careeasy
compatibility with plantscompatible
minimum aquarium sizenot less than 50 liters
type of aquariumclose, open
compatibility with fishescompatible
color of marine invertred, yellow, light blue

Feather Duster Worm (Indian Tubeworm) photo

catalog: Aquarium Sea Invertebrates

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