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type of drive
support equipment trailer
support of attachments (PTO)
ability to install equipment
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Xingtai XT-180

Xingtai XT-244 без кабины

STIGA Park Pro 340 X

MasterYard GT2338

Cub Cadet CC 1024 KHN


MTD MiniRider 60 SD

MasterYard М304 4WD


Husqvarna TC 130

Cub Cadet СС 1019 HG

MasterYard М404 4WD

Xingtai XT-160

MasterYard M244 4WD (без кабины)

MTD MiniRider 76 SD

Weed Eater One

MTD Optima LN 200 H

STIGA Tornado 2098

Husqvarna R 213C

STIGA Estate 3084

Husqvarna R 316T

Garden Scout GS-T12


Cub Cadet CC 714 TE

DongFeng DF-244 (без кабины)

Garden Scout GS-T24

Husqvarna CTH 126

STIGA Villa 320 HST

Bulat 120

MTD Smart RE 125

Husqvarna TC 338

STIGA Park Pro 25 4WD
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engine model
engine type
number of cycles of the engine
engine cooling
electric starter
direct injection
type of drive
type brakes
power steering
cruise control
seat adjustment
indicators of fuel and battery
support equipment trailer
support of attachments (PTO)
type fastening attachments
hydraulic output
presence of the grass-catcher
type of grass catcher
deck material
lamps and lights
ability to install equipment
emissions grass

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