Sea Invertebrates: 6

Sea Invertebrates

maximum size
minimum aquarium size
complexity of care
compatibility with plants
compatibility with fishes
reef compatible
color of marine invert
type of aquarium
water temperature

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Flame Scallop



Pearly Nautilus

Blue Ringed Octopus

Common Octopuses

Blue Velvet Nudibranch

Egg Cowrie


Spondylus Americanus


Sea Cucumber

Color Sea Apple

Red Sea Cucumber


Magnificent Urchin

Helmet Urchin

Needle Spined Sea Urchin


Sand Sifting Starfish
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color of marine invert:


minimum aquarium size:

maximum size:

compatibility with fishes:

compatibility with plants:

reef compatible:

water temperature:

type of aquarium:

complexity of care:

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