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Garden Flowers

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fragrant flower
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poisonous or toxic
frost resistance
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cold hardiness zone
timing of flowering
light needs
soil acidity
water needs
soil type
life span

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Azorella, Yareta

Blue pimpernel

Antennaria, Cat's foot

Baby Sunrose, Heartleaf Ice Plant

Rock cress



Sea pink, Sea thrift

Sea thrift




Common Periwinkle, Creeping Myrtle, Flower-of-Death

Mouse Plant, Mousetail Plant

Ale Ivy, Field Balm, Ground Ivy

Lingonberry, Mountain Cranberry, Cowberry, Foxberry


Barren Strawberry


Moneywort, Creeping jenny



Field Gromwell, Corn Gromwell

Blue rock bindweed

Crown Vetch

Dianthus perrenial

Rock rose

Hardy geranium, Wild Geranium

Gypsophila aretioides

Mouse-ear Gypsophila

Globe Daisy

Globe Amaranth
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fragrant flower:

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garden flowers and plants, shrubs and trees for landscaping; indoor plants 2017-2018
Ornamental plants and flowers for the garden and home. Indoor plants.
Description and characteristics, photo, cultivation and maintenance.
Garden Flowers, Grasses and Ferns